EASYPERM wins 2015 JEC Innovation Award

First system to measure dry reinforcement permeability in x,y and z directions for simulating preform impregnation takes top prize in equipment category.

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EASYPERM reportedly enables evaluation of a reinforcement’s capability to be impregnated by a liquid resin, cited as a necessary step in performing filling simulations for large and complex parts. “As the resin transfer molding (RTM) process is progressing and gaining in industrial maturity, it is crucial to develop reliable tools for the characterization of permeability of the fibrous reinforcements. EASYPERM is the answer to this challenge,” says Christophe Binetruy, professor at the Research Institute in Civil Engineering and Mechanics of the Ecole Centrale Nantes (Nantes, France). He says this permeability measurement system also serves to optimize processes for high-rate serial production.

EASYPERM has been developed by PPE (Saint-Avold, France), an international technology transfer center specialized in composite materials, in partnership with MVC Solutions in Plastics (São José dos Pinhais, Brazil) and NOVALL (Saint-Avold, France). It is based on patented technology for permeability measurement in x,y and z directions.

“While EASYPERM was designed for research centers and laboratories, it also represents a real asset for integrated R&D centers and corporate quality control departments,” says PPE sales and export director Jérôme Raynal.

EASYPERM is described as the first system in the EASY range of products. PPE supports customers in the characterization (with EASYPERM), modeling (with PAM RTM software from global leader and partner ESI Group), and prototyping of composite components. “Because of its expertise in liquid composites molding simulation processes and the validation of their permeability measurements on numerous industrial projects, PPE became our reference laboratory for these measurements. The launch of EASYPERM is of great value for our simulation world.” explains Mathilde Chabin, composites product marketing manager at ESI Group (Paris, France).

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