Eagle Technologies produces main rotor blades for latest Sikorsky helicopter

U.S.-based Eagle Technologies manufactured the main rotor blades for Sikorsky's X2 Technology Demonstrator in 2005, which led to the same work on the just-introduced S-97 RAIDER.

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Composites design and fabrication specialist Eagle Technologies (Hampton, Va., USA) reported on Oct. 3 that it is one of the partners of the S‐97 RAIDER program, which was unveiled by Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. Designed to be the fastest production helicopter ever made and delivering revolutionary capabilities, it features the main rotor blades detail designed and built by Eagle Technologies, LLC.

Eagle built the first set of blades for the first S-97 RAIDER and tells CW that it is working right now on the second set of blades. It is not yet known if the S-97 RAIDER will enter production.

Eagle Technologies participation began in 2005 with the X2 Technology Demonstrator. Eagle designed and fabricated the main rotor blades for the X2 Technology Demonstrator program in an unprecedented 16-month flow schedule. The S‐97 RAIDER aircraft program is the follow‐up to the successful demonstrator aircraft, which in September 2010 achieved more than 250 knots flight speed, or twice the average cruise speed of a conventional helicopter. The National Aeronautic Association awarded Sikorsky the 2010 Robert J. Collier Trophy for the achievement, and for its potential as a future rotorcraft technology.

Based on experience with the X2 Technology Demonstrator, Eagle Technologies was the preferred vendor for the S ‐97 RAIDER main rotor blade program. Eagle Technologies role on the project began in 2011 with selection to detail design and build the composite main rotor blades.

“The heart of Eagle Technologies resides in the exceptional talents of its people and their ability to excel in cutting edge, innovative programs. Composite rotor blades are a core competency of the company. We are excited to be a part of advanced groundbreaking programs, such as the S‐97 RAIDER” says Emitt Wallace, CEO of Eagle Technologies, LLC.