DSM announces new high-performance nylon

DSM Engineering Plastics has announced PA4T, a new high-performance engineering thermoplastic for electronics and automotive applications.

DSM Engineering Plastics (Sittard, The Netherlands) has announced the development of PA4T, a new polyamide 46 under the Stanyl brand name. PA4T offers good dimensional stability, compatibility with lead-free soldering, high stiffness and mechanical strength at elevated temperatures and high melting point. The new polymer will target miniaturization and convergence of electronic devices like cell phones and computers. It also will assist automakers in continued weight reduction efforts for better fuel efficiency and lower costs.

According to Roelof Westerbeek, global business director, Stanyl, "PA4T materials are highly suitable for electronics applications such as memory card connectors, CPU sockets, high-temperature bobbins, and notebook computer memory module connectors, based on its excellent compatibility in lead free surface mount technology and dimensional stability. In automotive markets, we expect the material to support new developments in under the hood applications relating to automotive electrical systems, air/fuel and powertrain components.”

DSM has filed patents on the new polymer, developed compounds and held initial investigative trials with market leaders for various end uses.