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Industry News
DolphiTech breakthrough for drilled hole inspections in CFRP

New functionality in DolphiCam Ultrasound NDT improves hole flaking and delamination detection in CFRP laminates.

Posted on: 3/9/2015
Source: CompositesWorld

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The DolphiCam Ultrasound Camera System. SOURCE: DolphiTech

Simulated 2 x 4 mm flaking on hole exit. SOURCE: DolphiTech

Images from 2×4 mm simulated drilled hole flaking 2 plies (0.35 mm) from the laminate backwall. The defect can be clearly seen on the right side of the hole in both time-of-flight and amplitude C-scans. SOURCCE: DolphiTech

“We have achieved important breakthroughs on the DolphiCam system towards inspection of drilled hole flaking and delamination. The improvements include functionality for better detectability as well as technical solutions for easy use and interpretation of results,” says DolphiTech head of development Eskil Skoglund. “We are now comfortably able to detect flaking and delamination along the drilled hole as small as 2 mm, and only 1-2 plies from the laminate surface and back wall. This really enhances DolphiCam even further as an inspection tool for drilled holes.”

“Defect-free holes are critical for optimal strength in CFRP structures. We are very happy to offer a rock solid point-and-click NDT solution for drilled holes. With the new functionality and our unique dry coupling, manufacturers and in-service organizations will benefit from drastically reduced inspection times and improved inspection quality,” says CEO Jan O. Endrerud.

The new functions will be made available as a software upgrade to existing customers.

DolphiTech provides advanced ultrasound cameras for 2D and 3D test and inspection of materials. It has reportedly developed a novel ultrasound transducer design that produces high-resolution images, and utilizes advanced technology developed by a team of experts in ultrasound, analogue and digital electronics.

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