Diaphorm Technologies to double helmet capacity

Diaphorm Technologies will double its quick-cycle molding capacity to produce lightweight combat helmets.

Using its proprietary quick-cycle molding processes, Diaphorm Technologies LLC (Salem, N.H.) is now producing composite combat helmets that weigh up to 10 percent less than available ACH (advanced combat helmet)-grade helmets. The company also announced that to meet demand for its growing helmet line, it will double helmet capacity to 50,000 units/yr by May.

Diaphorm molds the helmets of thermoplastic with ballistically-rated continuous fiber reinforcement. Current production volumes average 100 units/day.

"The new combat helmet far exceeds ACH specs for impact, meets all specs for ballistic protection, and greatly reduces shock transference to the soldier,"says Bob Miller, Diaphorm president. It is marketed through Diaphorm's subsidiary, Max Pro-Police & Armor and is listed in the product portfolio as a BA3AMCIP-COMBAT BALLISTIC HELMET.

In standardized ACH tests, the helmet transferred one third less impact to the dummy head than all other helmets tested. The shell of the new combat helmet is made with the same proprietary molding process and similar construction as the company's very successful NIJ Level IIIa tactical helmets. More than 10,000 of the earlier helmets have proven out in security service by Iraq, Afghanistan and U.S. police units.

"Demand has been so strong that it tapped out our current capacity,"says Miller. "The 100 percent expansion will happen quickly, will use the same proven process and process controls, and can produce both helmets.”

Diaphorm has also used the same basic process to produce high-strength, low-weight composite moldings in production and prototype volumes for a variety of performance automotive parts and recreational products. Examples include engine manifolds, solenoid caps, industrial caps and kayak structural beams.