DIAB wins core contract for Mecca tower

DIAB's core will be used in the construction of the Dokkae Tower, to be built by Premier Composites Technologies in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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Structural core materials manufacturer DIAB (Laholm, Sweden) announced that it has been awarded a major contract by Premier Composite Technologies (Dubai, U.A.E.) to supply core materials for the 35,000 sq m/376,736 sq ft of composite cladding that will be used on the final 200m/656 ft of the Dokkae Tower in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The tower also will feature the world’s largest clock. Two of the four faces of the clock will measure 43m/141 ft in diameter. The sandwich composite cladding will comprise carbon/glass/epoxy skins over a Divinycell P core. This will be then be covered in Italian mosaic tiles, of which 13,000 sq m/139,930 sq ft will be gold tiles.  

In addition, the clock faces will be built using sandwich composites based on Divinycell P thermoplastic core.  More than 600,000 LEDs will be integrated into the sandwich laminates to light up the clock faces at night.  Carbon/epoxy composites are also being used to construct the hands of the clock. Each of the hands, which measure up to 23m/75 ft in length, will also be lit with LEDs.

More than 8,000 sq m/86,111 sq ft of Premier Composite Technologies' recently expanded production facilities in Dubai has been dedicated to the production of the cladding. There will be 250 people involved in the production and tiling of Dokkae Tower when it is fully up and running.

Divinycell P thermoplastic core reportedly was chosen by Premier Composite Technologies as a result of its unique combination of properties that were able to meet the structural, environmental and fire requirements of the application. Although suitable for a wide range of uses, Divinycell P is a particularly cost effective solution for sandwich composite applications in the construction market where excellent FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) properties are often a specific requirement. Divinycell P is rated M1/F1 according to the NF F 16-101 standard and complies with DIN 5510 S4 ST2 SR2.