DIAB to expand structural core capacity in China

DIAB reports that it plans to construct a new foam block production plant in China for the manufacture of structural core materials.

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DIAB International (Laholm, Sweden) reported on Sept. 4 that it plans to construct a new interpenetrating network (IPN) foam block production plant in China, for the manufacture of structural core materials. DIAB established its first facility in China in 2005 and has since then continuously increased its operations. Today, DIAB is China’s leading supplier of IPN foams.

"We need to increase our local production of Divinycell Matrix and other structural core materials," says Johan Gralén, executive vice president Asia Pacific at DIAB. "With local integration backwards, we will be able to considerably enhance availability. We will also improve our capacity to accommodate the needs of the Chinese market and increase our ability to serve the rest of Asia. The new factory will use the latest production technologies from Europe to secure our high quality standards."

The new plant will include a research and development center, adds Magdalena Sandström, executive vice president R&D at DIAB. "We want to be able to offer tailor-made solutions for the Chinese market. Having a local R&D center will enable us to grow the structural sandwich market and support our technical sales in finding new applications for our products."