DeWind commissions first D8.2 turbine in U.S.

DeWind, a subsidiary of Composite Technology Corp., announced its has commissioned the first 2-MW turbine erected at its Sweetwater, Texas, demonstration site.

Composite Technology Corp. (CTC, Irvine, Calif.) announced on March 11 that its subsidiary DeWind has completed the commissioning of the 2-MW D8.2 turbine erected at its Sweetwater, Texas, demonstration site. All mechanical commissioning is complete and the turbine is synchronized with the local power grid. Power is being delivered to the grid for test purposes as part of the optimization process for the turbine, which will occur over the next few weeks. Once complete, power curve certification will take place.

Benton Wilcoxon, CEO of CTC, stated, “We are very happy to see our first 60Hz D8.2 has completed commissioning and is delivering power, which represents a major milestone for DeWind. Our customers in 60 Hz markets have been waiting to see an installed D8.2 produce power and synchronize with a 60Hz grid. We have accomplished both goals and have successfully demonstrated the transition from 50Hz to a 60Hz turbine. I am very proud of the hard work our team put forth to position our turbine for the North American market.”

DeWind already operates a test site in Cuxhaven, Germany, for the demonstration of 50Hz versions of the D8.2 turbine. The Cuxhaven site has successfully been in operation for over one year with excellent results. The D8.2 turbine incorporates the trademarked Voith WinDrive, a hydrodynamic torque converter that allows constant output speed to the generator and synchronous power generation. The U.S. turbine will produce power for the Texas State Technical College, and in an agreement with the college the turbine will become a platform for expanding Wind Technician training programs. The demonstration site is located on land owned by the City of Sweetwater, Texas.

Composite Technology Corp. develops, manufactures and sells innovative high performance electrical transmission and renewable energy generation products through its subsidiaries:

-DeWind Inc. designs, produces, and sells the DeWind series of wind energy turbines, including the new 2 megawatt (MW) D8.2 model available in both 50Hz and 60Hz. DeWind D8.2 turbines are now assembled at TECO Westinghouse Motor Co. in Texas for our North and South American customers.

-CTC Cable Corp. produces composite rod for use in its patented ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) conductors, which are “high efficiency conductors” for use in electrical transmission grid systems. ACCC conductors demonstrate less electricity line losses when compared with conventional conductors and when deployed in place of conventional conductors on existing systems, the higher efficiency of ACCC conductors enables power generators to reduce the amount of power they must generate while still delivering the same power to the customers.