Detroit conference focuses on automotive joining and forming technologies

Lightweight Joining & Forming 2015, April 14-15 in Detroit, will focus on mixed material strategies for automotive manufacturing.

Related Topics:

American Business Conferences (Houston, TX, US) is hosting the Lightweight Joining & Forming 2015 Focus 2015 conference, April 14-15 in Detroit, MI, US. Scheduled speakers include:

  • Mark Keller, manager of Truck Body Structures and Closures Department, Ford Motor Co.
  • Mark Voss, engineering group manager Body Advanced Technical Works, General Motors
  • Fei Xiong, technology director of material engineering R&D Centre, Geely
  • Robert Saje, design engineer for Structures, Cadillac
  • Michael Danyo technical specialist in aluminum/P552 sheetmetal launch supervisor, Ford Motor Co.
  • Surender Maddela, senior research and development engineer, materials engineering, Nissan

The conference will assess:

  • Which joining and forming techniques deliver the highest performance at the lowest costs on different advanced lightweight materials?
  • In which parts of the vehicle can these techniques be most cost effectively applied?
  • How can they be implemented quickly and cost effectively into the production line?

Topics include:

  • JOINING ALUMINIUM ALLOYS: Determining the most cost effective methods for joining aluminum alloys in high volume aluminium BIW production and selecting the best method based on the desired design specifications, functional and manufacturing requirements
  • MIXED MATERIAL JOINING: Reviewing advances in mixed material joining to enable wider blending of lightweight materials in high volume vehicle production
  • CORROSION PROTECTION & COATINGS: Understanding which corrosion mitigation processes are being used to maximize long-term performance of joints in lightweight vehicles
  • MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION: Evaluating properties of the new grades of UHSS, aluminum and composites to determine their influence on the selection of multi-material joining and forming technologies
  • PROCESSING ADVANCED COMPOSITES: Understanding how costs and cycle times are being reduced to speed up composite forming to justify the business case for their use in mass produced vehicles
  • UPCOMING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES AND THE NEXT STEPS IN LIGHTWEIGHTING: Examining the very latest joining and forming innovations that could revolutionize costs and discussing what needs done as an industry to reduce costs in the next 3 years

For the full speaker line up and agenda, visit the website here: To register for just $1,000 (saving $599 off online registration cost), contact Rebecca Drake at