DeLong to rep carbon fiber manufacturer AKSA in the Americas

AKSA's 1,500-ton, PAN-based carbon fiber facility will produce material marketed primarily toward industrial applications.

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Acrylic fiber manufacturer Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A. Ş. (AKSA, Istanbul, Turkey) announced on Feb. 27 that it has formed an exclusive relationship with DeLong and Associates LLC (Atlanta, Ga.) to represent and market AKSA’s new AKSACA carbon fiber in the Americas.

AKSA operates the largest acrylic fiber facility in the world, representing 12 percent of worldwide capacity. AKSA built on 40 years of acrylic fiber experience to create the precursor for carbon fiber production. The precursor is now being converted to AKSACA PAN-based carbon fiber at AKSA’s facility in Turkey at a pilot production line. AKSA is nearing completion of its 1,500-ton-capacity full scale line. The new world-class line will start up in mid-2009.

AKSA says the scale of its facilities for precursor production will create a favorable cost position that will enable it to effectively compete in any end use and market condition. AKSA believes that industrial consumers of carbon fiber are underserved during periods of aerospace demand. The company's goal is to be the supplier of choice for industrial end users of carbon fibers.

The AKSACA product line consists of standard modulus, medium- and high-tensile strength fibers in tow counts of 3K, 6K, 12K and 24K. AKSACA fibers will be shipped from various U.S. stocking points.

DeLong and Associates will focus on the sales of PAN-based carbon fibers to industrial end users, including weavers, pultruders, filament winders, molders and prepreggers.

M. Yilmaz, general manager for acrylic and carbon fibers at AKSA, states, “The selection of DeLong and Associates LLC as sales representatives will accelerate the sales of AKSACA carbon fibers in the Americas. They provide an experienced sales and technical team with over 100 years of composites industry experience to our new customers.”

DeLong and Associates LLC was founded in 2001 by Dee James (D.J.) DeLong as a carbon fiber industry consultancy. DeLong was formerly the general manager of BP Amoco’s carbon fiber business unit. He has consulted on a number of international projects and chaired global market and financial conferences on carbon fibers five times. DeLong has more than 25 years of PAN-based carbon fiber sales, marketing and operations experience.