Daimler orders Dieffenbacher press for carbon fiber composites production

Dieffenbacher's COMPRESS PLUS 2500/2200 machine will start producing lightweight parts in 2012 to be used as reinforcing components at the automaker’s Esslingen, Germany, plant.

Compression molding machine manufacturer Dieffenbacher (Eppingen, Germany) announced on March 17 that it has received an order from Germany automaker Daimler AG to deliver a press to be used for series production of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components. From 2012 onwards, the COMPRESS PLUS 2500/2200 will start producing lightweight parts to be used as reinforcing components at the automaker’s Esslingen, Germany, plant.

The central component of the HP-RTM process is the hydraulic HP-RTM press, which offers forces up to 25,000 kN depending on the internal mold pressure as well as the size and complexity of the component. The Dieffenbacher short-stroke system means the HP-RTM press is particularly energy-efficient, especially when short forming strokes and long ram travel values are involved. It is possible to increase efficiency by up to 50 percent compared to conventional press technology.

A high degree of ram parallel alignment and identical deflection of the bolster and ram are essential for the HP-RTM injection process and, ultimately, for component quality even with off-center forces. The design of the press, the active parallel control system and special control technology ensure that the press bolster and the ram always remain in parallel alignment with accuracies down to hundredths of a millimetre. The component quality can be improved further by pressure intensification at the end of the high-pressure injection process.

Dieffenbacher says it is pushing ahead with development of innovative process and machine concepts in the area of HP-RTM, and is being supported in this by its cooperation partners Fraunhofer ICT and KraussMaffei.

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