Cytec offers kitting services

The former Umeco Process Materials, now part of Cytec, can supply consumables kits from simple to complex.

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The Process Materials business of Cytec (previously known as Umeco Process Materials, Keighley, West Yorkshire, U.K.) is a specialist in all aspects of kitted process materials. The company's kitting service encompasses the pre-cutting of consumables to simple predetermined shapes and dimensions, right through to the assembly of complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies, and is offered as an alternative to customers having to prepare and cut their own consumables, leaving them to focus on their core tasks and competencies. 

Cytec's Process Materials offers a tailored, adaptable, global service which can be developed to match individual customer requirements wherever they are based. Customers can supply their CAD or tool form data and have access to highly-skilled engineers who routinely design complex, tailored kits and bag assemblies to simplify the manufacturing process for composite structures, regardless of size and quantity. The design and prototyping process includes all aspects from individual layer profile definition right through to the design of customised packaging for safe delivery of a complex assembly direct to line if necessary.

Once the kits are fully designed and supplied to customer requirements, followup includes customer support service. The kitting service offers additional benefits, including improved and simplified inventory control, reduced waste and, above all, production time savings.
Cytec’s industrial materials business (formed by the legacy Cytec HPIM and the legacy Umeco businesses) has been created to supply process consumables, advanced composite materials and composite tooling to customers for all industrial applications. The company's capabilities have been further enhanced following a capital investment program in our EU and U.S. facilities.