Cytec materials picked for COMAC C919 passenger aircraft

Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd. (COMAC), developer of the single-aisle C919 aircraft, has signed Cytec to a 10-year term to supply high-performance structural composite and adhesive materials.

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Cytec Industries Inc. (Woodland Park, N.J., USA) reported on April 4 that its Engineered Materials business has been awarded a long-term agreement to supply certain high-performance, structural composite and adhesive materials for the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd. (COMAC) C919 commercial aircraft. The contract with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (SAMC), a subsidiary of COMAC, is for a 10-year term and majority of the company's composite material requirements.

“We are excited to be a key supplier to COMAC’s C919 program,” says Shane Fleming, president and CEO of Cytec Industries Inc. “This agreement is further evidence of Cytec’s growing position as a supplier of structural composites and adhesives to the global commercial aerospace market.”

COMAC is developing the single-aisle C919 commercial airliner to meet growing air transportation demand in the region and intends to certify the aircraft to western standards for export sales. To date, COMAC has 235 orders for the C919. The aircraft is currently in design validation.

Cytec’s materials will be used by Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. to build both primary and secondary composite structures for the C919. “We are honored to be selected to support COMAC and are pleased our product solutions bring value to the C919 program,” said Bill Wood, president of Cytec’s Engineered Materials. Cytec’s complementary structural adhesives, primers and surfacing films will also be used. As part of the agreement, Cytec’s authorized distributor in China, Argosy International Inc., will provide sales and logistics support for material procurement.