CoroTech develops "infusion lining" process for pipes, tanks

Process relies on creation of negative cavity pressure to pull resin into fiber layers.

CoroTech Co. (Grand Rapids, Mich., USA) has announced development of a new process for protecting the inside of pipes and storage tanks from corrosive substances. Called “infusion lining,” the process reportedly could lead to significant savings for industrial companies that use carbon, alloy or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes or tanks.

“Infusion lining allows existing pipe and tank systems to be protected from the corrosive materials they contact with limited shutdown time, reduced costs and a better quality product,” said Kirk Kuipers, Advanced Composites Division manager at CoroTech. “We are excited to be the only ones in our industry who employ this technology, and the process is going to be a strong growth leader for our company.”

The process relies on creating a negative cavity pressure within a pipe or tank to pull liquid resins into dry composite laminates. The resins bond to the interior surfaces to create a uniform, hardened, durable lining that protects from corrosive substances and can extend the life of the protected surfaces by years. CoroTech’s infusion lining process is an adaptation of the FRP infusion method used successfully by the marine and aerospace industries.

The process can be performed onsite at existing facilities such as power plants, including difficult-to-access areas where traditional lining methods are impractical or inconsistent. Founded in 1973, CoroTech  is a full-service corrosion lining company.