Core material source launches new website

The DIAB Group's reworked site features a new user interface that enables users to more quickly access information about the company's products and services.

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, the DIAB Group (Laholm, Sweden and DeSoto, Texas) launched its new Web site at

The site reportedly has a completely new user interface that is designed to enable users to quickly access the information they seek. Further, the Web site provides increased depth of information on core materials and how they can be used in specific applications. This new set up is expected to increase the site's value for DIAB's current and prospective customers.

“We are very content with our new site and the value it is going to bring to our customers and other people in the composites industry," says DIAB CEO Lennart Hagelqvist. "Today. we release the first version, and we have a lot of good things in the pipeline and will continue to develop the functionality of the site, bringing value to our customers.”

“I’m particularly happy that we today also increase the depth of information we provide," Hagelqvist continues. "We have extended our datasheets and have released what we call our 'Knowledge Series.'

The “Knowledge Series” comprises materials that go to greater depths to describe how to use finishing materials, kits and core materials to make stronger, lighter and more competitive products.”

The site was immediately available in English and will shortly be available in Chinese as well.

For more information contact Jan Andersson, group VP, marketing, E-mail:; Tel.: +46 (0)70-6164311 (cell), +46 (0)430-16300 (office).