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Industry News
Conductive Composites expands nickel coating of carbon fibers

Conductive Composites Co. has commissioned a new production line for high-performance nickel chemical vapor deposition-coated carbon fiber in Green River, Utah. The company has also developed nickel coating for aramid fiber.

Posted on: 5/30/2012
Source: CompositesWorld

Conductive Composites Co. (Heber City, Utah, USA) on May 15 announced the commission of a new production line for high-performance nickel chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-coated carbon fibers in Green River, Utah. This new coating line more than doubles capacity for nickel-coated carbon fibers and improves the supply chain and pricing of nickel-coated fibers.

In parallel, Conductive Composites has developed nickel CVD-coated aramid fibers. The CVD coating process, says the company, provides a highly ductile and uniform metal coating, with better handling characteristics than electroplated fibers in a high-strength, lightweight format.

“We are excited to announce the commission of this new production line,” says George Hansen, founder and chief technical officer. “This new line proves our commitment to expanding our capability to serve growing commercial markets. The addition of CVD-coated aramids to our commercial product lines opens up new possibilities for our high-performance conductive fibers. We look forward to continuing to bring enabling materials to the conductivity and shielding markets.”

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