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Industry News
CompositesWorld’s SOURCEBOOK 2013 update campaign off to strong start

The SOURCEBOOK’s editors encourage supplier listees to update their free listing early and actively pursue answers if they have questions.

Posted on: 8/20/2012
Source: CompositesWorld

CompositesWorld, the publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines and the CW Weekly e-newsletter, reported that more than 45 percent of the companies listed in SOURCEBOOK 2012 have already renewed their free listings just one week into preparations for publication of SOURCEBOOK 2013.

“We plan to issue an e-mail reminder this week to those who have not yet updated or verified their listings,” reports Mike Musselman, the SOURCEBOOK’s managing editor. Listings are available free of charge to any company or individual that provides products and services to manufacturers of composite products. “Suppliers can choose from more than 500 categories of products and services,” he adds.

“It’s important to note,” he adds, “that in the interest of accuracy for our subscribers, we do not simply rerun listings in print, year after year. If the supplier does not renew its listing, the listing won’t be rolled over automatically. If it isn’t renewed, it will not appear in the print SOURCEBOOK.”

“We’re intent on making sure that we don’t miss anyone this year,” says Jeff Sloan, the SOURCEBOOK’s editor-in-chief. ”Mergers, acquisitions, rebrandings and job attrition alter the business landscape each year. Many companies have changed, and so have the faces. Often, the contact person for the listing is no longer there, and our e-mail communications are lost in the ether.”

“Given that reality,” Musselman says, “We encourage company marketing communications or sales people who are either unsure of their listing’s status or wish to start listing with us, to contact me to ensure that their listing is included in SOURCEBOOK 2013.” Musselman can be reached via e-mail: mike@compositesworld.com. (Unsure whether your company is listed? Search the Web SOURCEBOOK at www.compositesworld.com/suppliers/default.aspx.)

“Suppliers have the balance of the month of August to get their listings updated,” he notes, “but we encourage everyone to update right away. The process is done online and takes only a few minutes. And it guarantees that visitors to the online version of the SOURCEBOOK have the latest and most accurate information. If anything changes between now and our SOURCEBOOK publication date, they can update their listings again at any point.”

The SOURCEBOOK is the composites industry’s most comprehensive buyer’s directory. Posted online and mailed each year in the late fall, to 30,000 composites industry professionals, worldwide, the SOURCEBOOK provides contact and product/service information for more than 1,500 suppliers of composite materials, processing equipment and supplies around the globe.  

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