CompositesWorld's SOURCEBOOK issues final listing appeal

The print-and-Web-based composites industry buyer’s directory caps renewal drive with published list of companies that need to renew.

CompositesWorld, the publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, is in the final stage of preparation for publication of its annual composites industry buyer’s guide, the SOURCEBOOK. SOURCEBOOK 2010 will mail shortly to 27,500 professionals who supply composite products and subcomponents to OEMs in dozens of end-markets. (The Web version of the SOURCEBOOK can be viewed at

“We’re near and hope to exceed our record total of 1,650 listing suppliers from 2009, but we still have a number of companies that have been with us for years but haven’t updated their listings for the 2010 directory,” reports Mike Musselman, the SOURCEBOOK’s managing editor. Listing companies include those that supply composite materials, including fiber and resin, as well as those that supply the molding equipment, tooling and other machinery, test instruments and other hardware and software used to fabricate and finish composites. Also included are those companies that provide consulting, design, testing, fabricating and/or repair services to composites manufacturers. “About 150 companies that were listed in 2009 have not yet responded to the listing campaign.”

“It’s important to note,” Musselman adds, “that in the interest of accuracy, we do not simply rerun listings year after year. If the supplier does not renew its listing, the listing does not appear in the print SOURCEBOOK.” Musselman likens the directory’s annual print publication to the local phone book people use everyday. “Even in an electronic age, people like to have that paper buyer’s resource at their fingertips,” he notes. “So, for the sake of those who rely on the SOURCEBOOK for sourcing information, we’ve extended our deadline a bit in hopes that we can bring those still missing suppliers in, making the SOURCEBOOK as complete as possible.”

Suppliers still have a few days to get their listings updated. “The bad economy has, unfortunately, been responsible for high turnover in some companies. Often we find that the contact person for the listing is no longer at the company and our communications are lost in the ether.” Additionally, mergers, acquisitions and attrition alter the business landscape. With that in mind, the SOURCEBOOK staff prepared the following list of those companies that have, within the last three years, listed with the SOURCEBOOK but have not yet responded for 2010.

Says Musselman, “We encourage any company on this list to contact us immediately to ensure that their company’s listing is up-to-date and included in SOURCEBOOK 2010. The process is done online and takes only a few minutes.” Suppliers who wish to renew their listings should contact Musselman directly at The deadline for renewal is Friday, Oct. 23.

21st Century Composites     
220-221 Inc.        
3B - The Fibreglass Company    
3M Abrasive Systems Div.        
3M Automotive        
3M Bonding & Adhesives   
3M Performance Materials Div.    
A. Schulman Inc.   
A2 Technologies        
ABB France, Robotics Div.    
Abrasive Specialties & Tools    
Accurate Mould Co. Ltd.    
Acellent Technologies Inc.        
Acoustical Products Division    
Acsion Industries Inc.        
Addcomp Holland BV   
Adherent Technologies Inc.    
Adhesive Systems Inc.        
ADM-Isobloc GmbH        
Adpol Silicone Rubber    
Advanced Adhesive Systems Inc.        
Advanced Cerametrics Inc.    
Advanced Composite Solutions    
Advanced Fiberglass Technologies Inc.   
Advanced Honeycomb Technologies Corp.        
Advanced Laser Materials LLC        
Advanced Molding Systems Inc.    
Aero Consultants AG        
Aero Tec Laboratories Inc.    
Aerofabrication Group        
Aeroform France    
Aerospace Composites Inc.        
Ahlstrom, Glass Nonwovens    
AKSA (Akrilic Kimya Sanayii AS)        
Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemical        
Alcore Inc.        
Alliance Solutions     
All-T Composites Co. Ltd.    
Alpha 3 Manufacturing    
Alpha Star Corporation    
Alpha Technologies    
Alphaform AG        
Amalga Composites Inc.        
AMAMCO Tool        
American-Newlong Inc.        
AMETEK Technical and Industrial Products        
Anchor Autoclave Systems Inc.    
Anderson America Corp.    
ANGUS Chemical Company    
Anholt Technologies Inc.        
ANSYS Inc.        
Anver Corp.        
Applied Chemical Laboratories Inc.        
Applied Heat Thermal Systems        
Applied NanoWorks        
Applied Sciences Inc.        
Applied Superabrasives Inc.        
Applied Thermal Sciences Inc.    
Armacel Armor Corp.        
Arvan Inc.    
Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH    
ASG Div. - Jergens Inc.    
Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.        
Atec Inc.    
ATS - Kleizen Advanced Tooling System    
Attbar Inc.    
Augusta Fiberglass    
Automation Dynamics Inc.    
Avanzar Composites Systems    
Avery Dennison    
Awea Mechantronic Co. Ltd.        
Axson North America    
AXYZ Automation Inc.        
Bacon Industries Inc.        
Ballard Material Products Inc.
Baris Elektrik Endustrisi AS    
Bayview Edison Industries    
Bekaert Fibre Technologies    
BEKRO BVRA        
Bettcher Industries Inc.    
Binks/ITW Industrial Finishing    
Black Brothers Co.    
Bodi Company Inc.    
Bolwell Corporation Pty. Ltd.    
Bordeaux Region Development Agency    
Boytek Resins        
Brookhouse Composites Ltd.    
BrueggemannChemical U.S. Inc.        
BYK-Gardner USA        
Caldwell Precision Components   
Cam Elyaf Sanayii AS    
Cannon USA Inc.         
Carbon Core Laminates LLC        
Cartridge Limited    
CCV (Canadian Commercial Vehicles)    
CEL Components Srl        
Celanese Corporation        
Cement Composites Technology Ltd.        
CFI Medical Solutions (Contour Fabricators Inc.)        
Changzhou Huarun Composite Materials Co. Ltd.        
Chem-Materials Co.        
Chemposite Inc.        
ChemTec Publishing   
Chem-Trade International Inc.    
Chemtura Corporation    
China Nantong Corp. for International Economic & Technological Cooperation
Chroma Corp.        
Chromalox Inc.    
Ciba Corporation        
Cimbar Performance Minerals        
Cirrus Aircraft        
CNC Technics Pvt. Ltd.        
Cognis Corporation        
CollinsCraft Composites Corp.   
Colour Dispersion Company    
Composite Connections International Inc.    
Composite Engineering    
Composite Laminate Specialties Inc.    
Composite Materials Ltd. (CML)    
Composites America LLC        
Composites Canada    
Composites Technology Consultants Inc.        
CompositesPro LLC    
Compsys Inc.        
Comptek Structural Composites    
COMTECH Aerospace Inc.        
Coosa Composites LLC        
Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH & Co. KG
CoroTech Co.
CPS Technologies        
Crane Composites    
Creafill Fibers Corp.        
Creative Mold Co.    
CRG Industries LLC        
Crowley Chemical Co.    
CST - The Composites Store Inc.    
CTG International (N.A.) Inc.        
Curbell Plastics    
Custom Scientific Instruments Inc.        
CVD Equipment Corp.    
Cyclics Corporation    
Cyclone Aviation Ltd.    
Cytec Carbon Fibers LLC    
Cytec Engineered Materials Ltd.    
DA Graphite Products        
Daikin America Inc.    
Damping Technologies Inc.    
Dantco Mixers Corp.    
Davis Applied Technical College   
Decoma International Inc.    
Delta Polymers Co.    
Delta Preg Spa    
Delta Velocity Corp.        
DESOM Systems International Ltd.    
Devi Consultancy Services    
Devilbiss/ITW Industrial Finishing    
Devold AMT    
DeWalt Enterprises    
Diaphorm Technologies LLC        
Dielectric Solutions LLC    
Digiray Corp.        
Digital Precision Corporation        
Dimensional Photonics International    
Divina Hitech Systems    
Dow Automotive    
Dow Chemical Co.        
Dow Corning Corp.        
DSM Composite Resins AG        
DSM Dyneema    
Duoline Technologies LP    
DuPont Automotive    
DuPont Teijin Films    
Dura-Wound Inc.        
Dynisco Instruments    
E.T. Horn Advanced Materials Group    
E.V. Roberts    
E-A-R Specialty Composites    
EAST-4D Carbon Technology GmbH    
Eastman Chemical Co.        
E-Beam Services Inc.    
Edmonds Community College        
EHA Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH    
Electro Fiber Technologies LLC    
Engenuity Ltd.    
Engineered Textile Solutions        
Envirosystems LLC    
EOS GmbH    
EPM Technology Ltd.    
Epsilon Composite        
Equistar Chemicals Co.    
Ercon Prefabs    
ES Manufacturing Inc.    
eSpin Technologies Inc.
ESRD Inc.        
ETS Inc.    
Eurocarbon BV    
Europur sro    
Evans Composites Inc.        
Everett Pattern & Manufacturing        
Everhard Products Inc.    
Evonik Degussa Initiators GmbH & Co.        
Exchem EPC Groupe        
Exothermic Molding Inc.    
FANUC Robotics America Inc.        
Faroex Ltd.    
Fiberglass Consulting Engineering        
Fiberlay Inc.    
FiberLink Inc.    
Fibertech Columns Inc.    
Fibroline France SARL    
Fibrolux GmbH        
Fineline Prototyping        
Finishes Unlimited Inc.        
Finite Engineering Inc.        
First Nano   
Fisher Aircraft Corp.
FKI Logistex     FORCE Technology    
FlightSafety International West Palm Beach Learning Center
Flir Systems Boston    
Flowserve Flow Control    
Foam Matrix Inc.        
Formosa Plastics Corporation USA    
Four Star    
Franklin Innovation LLC    
Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Co.        
Frimo Inc.        
FRP Institute        
Furmanite America Inc.    
G. Angeloni Srl        
G.R. Plastics Pty. Ltd.        
Gain Technologies        
Gateway Composites        
Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici SpA    
Gebrueder Dorfner GmbH & Co. Kaolin- und Kristallquarzsand-Werke KG
General Dynamics ATP    
General Tool Company        
Georg Fischer Deka        
Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG        
Gildemeister AG        
Gisco Inc.    
GMA Industries Inc.    
GMG Ltd.    
Goa Glass Fibre Limited    
Goodfellow Corp.    
Goodrich Corp. High Temperature Composites    
Goodyear Engineered Products        
Graphic Parts International   
GRP International    
H.F. Dorna Co.    
Haining Chengrudan Reinforcement Fabrics Co. Ltd.    
Hanson Casting and Engineering LLC    
Harcombe & Harcombe cc        
HBM Corp.    
Helicomb International Inc.    
Helman Engineering Inc.    
Hengdian Group Shanghai Russia & Gold Basalt Fiber Co. Ltd.   
High Performance Composites    
Hightech Polymer Sdn. Bhd.        
HITEC Corporation     Haas Automation Inc.        
Holland Business Services Inc.        
Honeywell Advanced Fibers and Composites    
Honeywell International    
Huron Technologies Inc.    
Hydrojet Inc.    
Hymmen Group    
Hyper-Therm High-Temperature Composites Inc.        
Ice-Nine Foam Works        
IGF Inc.        
Industrial Dielectrics Inc.        
Industrial Testing Laboratories    
Integra Adhesives        
Intek Plastics Inc.    
Interleaf Composites Engineering LLC    
International Automotive Components   
Interplex QLP Inc.    
Intralink Techno Sdn. Bhd.    
Iscom Composites Group/Institute        
isovolta group
Italmatic Presse e Stampi Srl        
J & A Enterprises inc.    
JAMAK Fabrication USA    
Jet Moulding Compounds Inc.    
Jiangsu Jiuding New Materials Co.    
JOBS SpA    
Johns Manville Corp.        
Joos USA Inc.        
JPS Composite Materials Inc.        
JR Composites Inc.        
JRL Ventures        
Jushi Group Ltd.        
JW Composites LLC    
K & C Mouldings (England) Ltd.        
Kaeser Compressors    
Kahuna Kalai Ltd.        
Kaizen Technologies        
KARBOREK Srl        
Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH        
Kayco Composites LLC        
KemiKomp Inc.    
KHK Diamond Products Inc.        
Kice Industries   
Kuraray America Inc.        
Küsters Zima        
Kwik Bond Polymers Inc.        
Lach Diamond Inc.        
Lafarge Canada Inc.    
Lafarge North America        
Laser Design Inc.    
Laser Reproductions    
Leepoxy Plastics Inc        
Liba Maschinenfabrik GmbH    
Lightweight Structures B.V.    
Lincoln Composites        
Lindau Chemicals Inc.        
Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC)        
Lorenz Kunststofftechnik GmbH    
LSP Technologies        
LyondellBasell Advanced Polyolefins        
MABNA Co.        
Mader Group        
Manila Cordage        
Marine Concepts    
Martec Ltd.   
Martin Marietta Composites    
Martinez & Turek Inc.    
Maschinenfabrik Lauffer GmbH & Co.KG        
Mastercam/CNC Software, Inc.        
Materials Converting        
Materials Innovation Technologies        
Materials Sciences Corp.   
MCM Capital        
McNeel & Associates, Robert        
MeadWestvaco Corp.    
Mechanical Simulation Corp.        
Mechemco Industries        
Meguiar's Inc.        
Mehta & Co.        
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc.    
Merlin Technologies Inc.        
Metrolec CMA    
MGI Canada Inc.    
Michael Engineering Ltd./Rook Metering Equipment Inc.        
MIE Solutions Inc.    
Milacron Extrusion Systems        
Milled Carbon Ltd.        
Mirka Abrasives Inc.
MIT Professional Education - Short Courses        
Mitchell Laboratories        
Mitras Composites (UK) Ltd.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd.        
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.        
Mitsuya Co. Ltd.    
Mitutoyo America Corporation        
Mold Masters        
Molded Fiber Glass Companies        
Mycel LLC        
Myers Engineering Inc.        
Nanocomp Technologies        
Nanocyl North America        
Nanometrix Inc.        
Nanoresins AG        
National Instruments Corp.    
National Refrigeration Company        
ND Industries Inc.    
NDT Automation    
NDT Solutions Ltd.    
Nester Software Technologies,        
Newport Adhesives and Composites Inc.    
Niabraze Corporation    
Nilfisk-Advance America Inc.        
Ningbo Huayuan FRP Electical Appliance Manufacture Co. Ltd.        
Nippon Graphite Fiber    
Nirav Chemical Industries        
NMA LLC (Nemiroff, Monahan & Assoc.)        
Noble International SA        
Norcross Corp.    
Nord Composites    
Nor-Ral Plastics Inc.        
North Sea Resins/MedHesives Inc.    
NSL Analytical Services Inc.        
NUTEK Corp.    
Nylon Molding Corp.    
Oak Ridge National Laboratory    
Objet Geometries Ltd.   
OCM Test Laboratories Inc.    
OSG Tap & Die Inc.    
Pacific Airframe & Engineering        
Paint Pockets        
PAR3 Technology Inc.        
Paragon Aerospace & Technologies        
Paratherm Corp.        
Parpas America Corp.        
Patterned Fiber Composites   
PC International Inc.        
P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz    
PD-Interglas Technologies AG        
Penley Applied Technology Group    
Pepin Associates     
Perma-Care Fibreglass    
Persyst Enterprises Inc./Sidewinder        
PGI/Nordlys     PGI/NORD    
Pharr Yarns LLC        
Plant Engineering Services Inc.        
Plant of Insulation Materials LLC    
Plastic Components Inc.        
Plastic Composites Co.        
Ply-Tech Inc.    
Pole de Plasturgie de L'Est    
POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest      
POLY-CARB Inc.    
Polymer Composite Asia Sdn. Bhd.
PolyOne Corporation    
Polyram Ram-on Industries    
Polytec Composites Germany GmbH & Co KG        
Poraver GmbH by Dennert        
Porcher Industries        
Portage Casting & Mold Inc.    
Potters Industries inc.        
PPG Aerospace    
Precision Aerospace & Composites    
Premix Inc.        
Prima Die Co. Inc.        
Process Photonics     PROCPHO    
Promak Srl        
ProModel Corporation        
Propex Fabrics        
Prototype Development    
Proventia Production Technologies Oy        
Pyrograf Products Inc.        
Qingdao-Tubus Honeycomb Co. Ltd.    
Q-Lab Weathering Research Svc.        
QRP Gloves Inc.    
Quimidroga SA    
Quincy Lab Inc.        
R & M Engineering        
Ranger SpA        
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co.        
Reed City Tool & Die        
Reichel-Pugh Yacht Design        
Reliant Machinery USA        
RePliForm Inc.        
Research and Markets   
Resin Systems Inc.    
Resin Technology Inc.        
RESPECTA Maschinenbau GmbH        
Rex-Cut Products Inc.    
Rimrock Corporation    
Robert C. Byrd Institute    
RocTool FRANCE    
RocTool USA    
Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
Rogers Corp.        
Royal Adhesives & Sealants    
Royal Diversified Products Inc.    
Royce International        
RS Technologies    
RTM North Ltd.    
Russia Basalt Composite Materials (BCM) - Volna    
Rutland Plastic Technologies Inc.        
Sabas Technologies        
SABIC Polymershapes    
Sample Marshall Laboratories Inc.        
Sanman GRP Solutions        
Schnee-Morehead Inc.    
Schneller LLC        
Schott & Meissner Machinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH    
Scott Bader Company Ltd.    
Secart Aerospace    
Seminars for Engineers        
Senior Aerospace Composites
Senko Advanced Components    
Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH    
Service Mold Inc.    
SGL Kumpers GmbH & Co. KG    
Shandong Jinguang FRP Group Co. Ltd.    
Shanghai Yaohua Dazhong Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.    
Shuangsheng Plastic Mould Co.    
Siemens PLM Software Inc.    
SigmaTEK Systems LLC        
Signalysis Inc.        
Signature Control Systems Inc.        
Sika Corporation    
Simex Technologies        
Sinoma Science & Technology Co. Ltd.        
Sinosteel Jilin Carbon Fiber Co. Ltd.        
Sintex Industries Ltd.        
Smart Fibres Ltd.        
Smith Fibercast    
Soliant LLC        
Solico Fibre Glass Factory LLC    
Solid Concepts Inc.        
Solutia Inc.    
Sora Composites        
Southern Clay Products Inc.
Spartech Plastics    
spheretex America Inc.
Spiralock Corporation
STABLCOR Inc.        
Stellar Industrial Supply        
Strandex Corp.    
Stratasys Inc.    
Straton Industries        
StrongGo LLC        
Sudaglass Fiber Technology Inc.        
Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc.    
Sumitomo Bakelite North America Inc.    
Superform USA    
Swancor Ind. Co. Ltd.        
Swift Engineering Inc.        
SYSCON - PlantStar    
TAP Plastics   
Technical Resin Packaging Inc.        
Technobell Ltd.    
Telatemp Corp.        
Telene SAS        
Templeman Associates Ltd.        
The CMM Group LLC        
The Landing School    
The NORDAM Group        
The Wind Turbine Company        
The Young Engineers Inc.        
Thermo Scientific    
Thinky Corporation   
Thomas Technik + Innovation        
TI International Ltd.        
Tianchang City Junhao Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd.        
Tianjin Tiansi International        
Toyobo Co. Ltd.    
Trialon Corporation        
TSE Industries Inc.        
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems        
U.S. Borax Inc.        
UFE Incorporated        
UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools    
Ultracor Inc.        
ULTRAPOLY Inc.        
Unimerco Inc.         
United McGill        
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)    
UPACO Adhesives    
Upland Fab Inc.        
U-POL Ltd.        
Urethane Soy Systems Co.        
Utility Development Corp.        
Visteon Group        
Visual Collaboration Tech Inc.        
VX Corporation        
Walker Braillon Magnetics    
Wayne Rich Custom Surfboards    
Wera Tools Inc.        
White Young Green Consulting Ltd.    
William Andrew Publishing        
Williams, White & Co.    
Wolfco Inc.        
Worthen Industries        
Yazaki North America        
Yingyou Group    
Yixing Hongda Plastic Chemical Co. Ltd.
Z Corporation    
ZellComp Inc.
Zeon Chemicals LP
Zeon France SA
Zivko Aeronautics Inc.