CompositesWorld Expo provides composites beginners a place to start

The conference and show, Sept. 28-30 in Schaumburg, Ill., features a thorough review of the fundamentals of composites design and processing.

The CompositesWorld Expo is fast approaching and promises to provide a good learning environment for those who are new to the composites world, or just getting started.

CompositesWorld Expo is a conference and trade show, Sept. 28-30 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, Ill. The conference is Sept. 28-29 and overlaps with the expo, Sept. 29-30.

As it did last year, the conference consists of two tracks, one for those who are new to composites, and another for composites industry veterans. The Introductory track will introduce those familiar with traditional materials — engineering industries, such as metalworking — to the properties of fiber-reinforced composites. Other principles covered will include CAD/CAM design and manufacturing with composites and the fabrication processes that work best for various designs, including compression and infusion molding; resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum-assisted RTM (VARTM), and light RTM (LRTM); prepreg with autoclave curing; and other consolidation processes.

Presentations include an introduction to composites processes, a design software overview, sheet molding compound (SMC) basics, and exploration of bast practices for wind blade design, an introduction to pultrusion, vacuum infusion basics and an introduction to composites preforming.

If you are new to composites processing, or want to know more about composite materials, design, tooling and processing, this conference provides formal presentations and informal discussion with subject-matter experts who can help you understand how these materials are applied to a variety of parts and structures.

To learn more about the conference, the show, lodging and other details, visit, or call +1 513-527-8800, ext. 254.