CompositesWorld conference emphasizes business, technology

CompositesWorld 2012: Materials, Markets, Manufacturing will be held Oct. 22-23, co-located with SAMPE Tech, and features one track focusing on the business of composites, and the other track focusing on composites manufacturing technology.

CompositesWorld, publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, as well as the CompositesWorld Weekly newsletter, is finalizing the agenda for its upcoming conference co-located with SAMPE Tech in North Charleston, N.C., USA.

CompositesWorld 2012: Materials, Markets, Manufacturing, will be held Oct. 22-23 and features two tracks over two consecutive days. The first track, The Business of Composites, provides an overview of the structure of the composite materials business supply chain, a market review of select materials (advanced fibers, resins), key end market forecasts and analysis, and new process and product developments to reduce overall composite materials cost and help increase materials market penetration compared to traditional materials (metal replacement, etc.).

The second track, Composites Manufacturing Technology, provides an introduction to composites and the basics of composites manufacturing; covers fabrics, prepregs, preforms/complex shapes and consolidation techniques; reviews automation applications and processes; reviews machining and finishing of composites as opposed to metals; and covers NDI/testing of composite materials.

Among the speakers is Ross Kozarsky, analyst-advanced materials, Lux Research Inc. His presentation, "Cost, Light Weight and Production Efficiency: Navigating the Advanced Metals vs. Composites Landscape for Optimizing Materials Selection in Automotive and Aerospace Structures," covers the transportation sector and the need for new materials to strive for greater efficiencies, lightweighting options, aerospace and automotive industry dynamics, and advanced structural material choices.

Sanjay Mazumdar, CEO of market research firm Lucintel, is presenting, "Composites Market Opportunities, Trends and Challenges in China," looking at growth opportunity in the Chinese composites industry, as well as market challenges and emerging trends.

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