Composites UK launches training certification program

Composites UK's Composites Assured Practitioner (CAP) program will give individuals and companies a mechanism to demonstrate competence across a range of composites manufacturing technologies.

Responding to industry need for an increased number of trained personnel, standardized training provision and a means of assessing contractor competency, Composites UK reports it has developed the Composites Assured Practitioner (CAP) program.

CAP will give individuals and companies a mechanism to demonstrate competence across a range of technologies, processes and methodologies. Subject areas are yet to be defined but are likely to include manufacturing processes such as wet layup, prepreg and resin infusion; technologies such as metrology and non-destructive testing; and methodologies such as quality control. Within each subject area will be a list of core competencies; achievement of these competencies through approved training and assessment will qualify the individual for a bronze, silver or gold CAP.

CAP will be overseen by the British Composites Society to provide a link to professional institutes, and will enable companies to demonstrate compliance of their workforce within audited schemes such as NADCAP, ISO standards and SC21.

Chris Little, chairman of Composites UK, says, “As the growing demands of the industry to have skilled people, I felt the time was right to engage with industry and develop a method of competence that could really meet all the criteria required to build a sustainable scheme.”

The concept CAP will be initially discussed at the Composites UK Annual Conference, May 13-14, 2014, in Bristol, U.K., with the full details of the plan developed and launched over the coming months. Industry will be invited to contribute at each stage through local development workshops and electronic communications.