Composites One to feature live molding demos at IBEX 2010

The outdoor demonstrations include the debut of MVP's Flex Molding Process, developed to overcome the challenges of using film infusion molding.

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Composites One (Arlington Heights, Ill., USA), Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP, Clearwater, Fla., USA) and the Closed Mold Alliance, will use closed mold innovations to build a variety of large and small boat parts — live, in person, in the outdoor demo area — during the IBEX 2010 boatbuilding show in Louisville, Ky., USA, Sept. 28-30. Running throughout the show, the demos feature three advanced processes: the all-new Flex Molding process by MVP, the vacuum infusion process (VIP) and light resin transfer molding (light RTM).

MVP’s Flex Molding Process was developed to overcome the challenges of using film infusion molding. Featuring a package of injection systems, accessories and patent-pending seals plus training support, the new process reportedly helps manufacturers optimize infusion while better controlling the production process. At the demo, MVP’s Flex Molding team will build the vacuum bag and the resulting boat part in front of a live audience, illustrating the process’ ease of use, especially for manufacturers new to closed mold processes.

VIP will be used to inject half of a 16-ft/4.9m boat hull. “Cutting the hull in half enables manufacturers to see how resin flows through laminates quickly and efficiently,” said Composites One marketing manager, Marcy Offner. “Attendees will also have an unobstructed view of resin flow at the Light RTM demo, thanks to a special see-through glass panel.”

Additional Closed Mold educational sessions are planned inside the exhibit hall at Composites One's booth. On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the workshop will focus on light RTM tooling covering the materials needed, waxing techniques and tooling construction, along with examples of successes and failures. The workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 29 will feature an apples-to-apples comparison of the most popular closed mold processes to help manufacturers decide which one is best for their operation. Both workshops start at 1 pm.