Composites One, Closed Mold Alliance to present live demonstrations during CAMX 2016

This year, the event will feature a three-day event with more than 15 process demos in a massive enclosed staging area.

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Composites One (Arlington Heights, Ill.),, along with the Closed Mold Alliance and more than 20 industry partners, will present more than 15 closed mold and advanced process demonstrations in a massive enclosed staging area at Booth P22 during CAMX 2016 (Sept. 27-29; Anaheim, Calif.)  The annual event is designed to educate manufacturers about processes and technologies that can help them produce better parts. Presented at major industry events for over a decade, Composites One’s demos have ranged from building an entire sailboat, to making smaller parts nonstop.

“We’re calling this year’s program the ‘demo of all demos’ because it goes beyond previous events,” said Composites One Director of Marketing Communications Marcy Offner. “Not only will manufacturers see us use closed mold and advanced processes to build or repair real-world parts, but they’ll see the latest in innovative products. They will also gain valuable knowledge of the featured processes, helping them determine what might be best for their own operation.”

On the agenda are market segment-focused process demos and a new technology presentation, including:

  • Marine – Building a boat console through Light RTM (best cosmetics)
  • Transportation – Using SMC and compression molding to build an automotive part (fast turnaround)
  • Aerospace – Two demos: Making a UAV wing structure through Vacuum Infusion (low cost, light weight, damage tolerance) and using a RTM heated mold to build interior aircraft panels (flame retardant resin).
  • Consumer Recreation – Producing skateboards through Silicone Bag Molding (damage tolerance)
  • Corrosion – Building eight-inch pipe flanges in a Light RTM production cell (durability, heat-resistance)
  • Infrastructure – Using Vacuum Bag Infusion to repair a carbon fiber column (repair, seismic protection)
  • Architecture – Using Silicone Bag Molding to build wooden benches (ideal for inlays and textures)
  • New Tooling Technology – Preparing a CNC plug mold with GURU tooling material (advanced tooling).

Demos will be repeated at CAMX on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday will be an Open House for live Q&A with the technical teams. Many demos will feature systems from Magnum Venus Products (MVP) and tooling from RTM North Ltd.

Products featured in the demonstration are provided by partners: 3A Composites, Airtech Advanced Materials Group, AOC, Arrowhead Plastic Engineering, Ashland, Chem-Trend, Chomarat, GURU Tooling from Soul Composites, Huntsman, Lantor, Magnum Venus Products, Owens Corning, Polynt Composites USA, Inc., Polytek Development Corp., RTM North Ltd., SikaAxson, SWORL (a division of Prairie Technology Group, Inc.), United Initiators Inc., Vectorply and Wabash Carver.