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Industry News
Composites material database launched

IDES and Firehole Technologies launch Prospector:Composites, an online, searchable database of composite materials.

Posted on: 11/24/2008
Source: CompositesWorld
Plastic materials database developer IDES Inc. (Laramie, Wyo.), and Firehole Technologies Inc. (Laramie, Wyo.), a developer of simulation technologies for composite materials and structures, announced on Nov. 19 the launch a searchable database of composite material datasheets called Prospector:Composites. The online tool is designed to help engineers quickly locate technical property information about composite materials.

"Prospector:Composites is really a product driven by customer demand," said Jerad Stack, CEO of Firehole Technologies Inc. "Everyone we talk to in the composites community tells us that finding reliable material data for their designs is a significant issue. This is especially true in industries where the use of composites is just emerging, like the automotive sector."

Prospector:Composites provides a single location to locate, compare and evaluate candidate composite materials. In addition to manufacturer-supplied data, Prospector:Composites is populated with data from testing labs and research institutions. Once Firehole Technologies Inc. gathers composite materials data from these various sources, it provides it to IDES, which manages the information and publishes it via Prospector:Composites, a publicly available Web-based search interface.

"Our Prospector plastics search engine is trusted by more than 230,000 thousand users worldwide as their source for property and processing data for 77,000 plastic materials," said Mike Kmetz, President of IDES. "With the launch of Prospector:Composites, we are excited to deliver the same quality and functionality to the composites community."

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