Composite Technical Services opens its doors in Ohio

Based in Dayton, Ohio, at the National Composites Center, Composites Technical Services looks to provide high-performance materials and technology that include unique bioresins and flame retardant additives.

Composite Technical Services Inc. (CTS, Dayton, Ohio, USA) announced on Aug. 17 that it has established manufacturing and research and development operations in Dayton. Combining innovation with environmental sustainability, CTS is providing high-performance materials and technology that include unique bioresins and flame retardant additives. The new company also offers composite cylinders for gas storage. Housed in the National Composite Center (NCC), CTS is initially targeting the composites and plastics industries.

CTS is working to develop new products and processes that support green technologies, from hydrogen- and natural-gas-fueled vehicles and heavy-metal-free flame retardants to the capability to extract resins from recycled natural resources. CTS will also market products in North America that have been developed with Italian business partners CimtecLab, Sepma and VEM.

“We selected Dayton, Ohio, and NCC because of the advantages the region and center offer,” said Enrico Ferri, CEO of CTS. “Dayton provides easy access to major transportation routes and allows CTS to be strategically positioned near Wright-Patterson AFB, defense facilities, universities and other important organizations committed to the development of advanced materials and products. NCC allows us to source a network made up of scientists, production, manufacturing and business experts able to exchange information and ideas in a nurturing environment.  This creates a unique atmosphere for problem solving.”

CTS is currently working on a breakthrough brand called Exaphen. Exaphen products use a process that extracts (exa) phenolic (phen) resins from agricultural byproducts while retaining the special properties nature has already engineered. A unique chemical structure gives phenolic-type resins the capability to fight fire and delay the spread of flames while providing resistance to aggressive environments. CTS offers a series of products based on the phenolic structure derived from cashew nut shells, a byproduct of the cashew nut industry. The product line features PolyCard XFN, a component of polyurethane foams suited for use in insulating foams, mattresses and couches. CTS is also developing new formulations for flame-retardant adhesives and protective coatings.

Nanofire, CTS’s second new product development, uses the nano-size lamellar particles found in natural and synthetic mineral clays as additives to replace heavy metals and other harmful chemicals in flame retardant applications. Nanofire products are especially formulated in combination with plasticizers for the PVC cable industry.

CTS also works with Italian company SEPMA to market lightweight composite-reinforced type IV cylinders for high pressure gas storage, including natural gas for the transportation industry and propellant for unmanned aerial vehicles and rockets. SEPMA cylinders reportedly offer a weight savings of up to 65 percent when compared to conventional metal cylinders.

Information: Visit or call 937-296-5034.