CMH-17 to offer new certification tutorial in October

The Composite Materials Handbook-17 will work with the US FAA to offer a new Aircraft Structure Certification and Compliance Tutorial on Monday, Oct. 5 in Wichita, KS, US.

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The Composite Materials Handbook-17 (CMH-17), in coordination with the US Federal Aviation Admin. (FAA), has updated its certification tutorial. The new Aircraft Structure Certification and Compliance Tutorial will be offered Monday, Oct. 5, 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. CDT at the National Center for Aviation Training in Wichita, KS, US during the CMH-17 PMC Coordination Meetings.

The new tutorial includes safety awareness curriculum developments in Structural Engineering, Manufacturing and Maintenance. Attendees will gain an overall understanding of aircraft certification and substantiation and will benefit from opportunities to interact with other attendees. The tutorial complements and extends the topics in CMH-17 Volume 3, Chapter 3 by providing added content depth.

The tutorial emphasizes the following:

  • Structural substantiation and proof of structure of type design
  • Production support
  • Manufacturing defect disposition
  • Continued operational safety

Additional material will discuss newer industry engineering guidelines and regulatory guidance and policy published since 2011, such as:

  • Bonded repair size limits
  • Damage threats
  • High-energy wide-area blunt impact (HEWABI)
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance

The cost of the tutorial is $500, which includes breakfast, lunch and registration for the Coordination Meetings Oct. 6-8. Attendees will also receive a certification of completion. The deadline for registration is Sept. 7. Register at

CMH-17 Working Group Meetings give advanced materials users the chance to contribute to various topics and sections of the CMH-17 Handbook including Statistics, Damage Tolerance, Crashworthiness, Data Review, NCAMP, Disbond, Delamination, Materials and Processes, Safety Management, Spacecraft, Sandwich, Supportability and Guidelines. 

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