Clarification: Role of Toray and Hexcel in A350 production

Last week, Toray was erroneously reported to be supplier of prepreg for the A350; Hexcel is the supplier of carbon fiber composites for major primary structures on the A350.

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Due to an editing error in the May 11 edition of the CompositesWorld Weekly e-newsletter, it was inadvertently reported that Toray (Tokyo, Japan) had established a relationship with Airbus whereby it would supply carbon fiber prepreg for the forthcoming A350 XWB. Although Toray has a new prepreg supply relationship with Airbus for future aircraft, that relationship does not include the A350.

As has been reported previously, Hexcel Corp. (Stamford, Conn., USA) in May 2008 was awarded a contract to supply carbon fiber composite materials for major primary structures on the A350 XWB. The award covers the entire family of A350 aircraft through 2025.

CompositesWorld regrets the error.