Celanese to expand Celstran capacity in Brazil

Celanese will expand by mid-2015 its manufacturing capabilities at the company's Suzano, Brazil, facility to include Celstran long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) production.

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Celanese Corp. (Dallas, Texas, USA; Frankfurt, Germany) announced on July 16 that it will expand its manufacturing capabilities at the company’s Suzano, Brazil, facility to include Celstran long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) production. The Celstran expansion is expected to be operational by mid-2015.

This new Celstran LFRT production operation will be part of the company’s manufacturing site in Suzano where Celanese already compounds Hostaform/Celcon acetal copolymer (POM) and Celanex/Vandar thermoplastic polyester (PBT) products for customers in Brazil and Latin America.

“The addition of Celstran manufacturing capabilities to our existing site outside Sao Paulo is part of the Celanese growth strategy to directly serve our customers in Brazil and Latin America, where we see a healthy growth potential, especially in automotive applications,” says Phil McDivitt, vice president and general manager of the engineered materials business of Celanese.

Celanese LFRTs, including Celstran, Factor and Compel, reportedly offer a combination of stiffness and toughness unparalleled by conventional short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Key markets include: 

  • Automotive: structural, functional and appearance parts (instrument panels, door modules, front end modules, window systems, battery trays, clutch pedals, gear shift levers, consoles, HVAC louvers, air intake pipes and fascia supports).
  • Consumer: appliances, electronics, power tools, garden equipment (housings, gears, pulleys, wheels and fan blades).
  • Industrial: piping and connectors, window systems and building and construction.
  • Aerospace: seating systems, overhead consoles and cabin carts.

“By bringing this new production capacity to Brazil, Celanese will be the first local producer of Celstran LFRT,” says Stefan Kutta, Celanese global director, automotive industry. “We will leverage our local commercial and technical teams to deliver innovative polymer solutions to our customers and further support the growth of Celstran in Latin America.”