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Industry News
CCP Composites restarts large capacity blenders in N. Kansas City

The decision, which affects equipment at CCP's N. Kansas City plant, is a response to recent significant increases in gel coat production.

Posted on: 1/28/2013
Source: CompositesWorld

On Jan. 24, CCP Composites (N. Kansas City, Mo.) announced plans to restart large-batch production, using previously idled 60- and 90-drum gel coat blenders at its N. Kansas City plant. As part of this process, CCP will hire the additional technicians necessary to support these activities.

The need for the large-capacity blenders in N. Kansas City is due, in part, to the need to support the company's notable increase in gel coat batch production over the past two years. But the move also is intended to open capacity in CCP's other manufacturing facilities to support the continued growth of its trademarked IMEDGE product line and the new IMEDGE HPB (High Performance Barrier) technology.

CCP says it also anticipates the need for additional capacity in its regional facilities for the release of IMEDGE FUSION, a new in-mold coating currently in beta testing and scheduled for commercial release later this year.

This restart, along with the previously announced Pacific Northwest blending facility (scheduled to open in 2013), is part of CCP's long-term strategy.

For more information, contact CCP's Erin F. Smith, Tel.: (816) 391-6182; E-mail: erin.smith@ccpcompositesus.com.

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