CCDI Composites reveals carbon fiber torque tube assembly

California-based CCDI's carbon fiber driveline for an American sports car manufacturer saved 30 lb compared to its steel predecessor.

CCDI Composites Inc. (Santa Ana, CA, US) reports that it has designed and developed the carbon fiber torque tube for the manufacturer of a premier iconic American sports car. This driveline, says CCDI Composites, saves more than 30 lb compared to predecessor steel assembly. Additionally, the carbon fiber tube minimizes engine vibration propagation.

The materials selected, and the assembly method, meet stringent temperature and environmental conditions, which are quite difficult for composite materials. The robust carbon fiber torque tube assembly includes an internal sleeve, needed to match coefficients of thermal expansion, plus a structural bonded joint. This combination of technologies is required to meet challenging loading conditions.
CCDI collaborated with an industry leader in automotive power transmission products to jointly develop this solution to handle difficult bending loads, torsional loads and operating conditions.

CCDI has 30 years of experience designing, testing, and producing structural composite tubing for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications, including torque tubes, prop shafts, driveline sub-assemblies and industrial power transmission shafts.