Carbon fiber prepregs featured in new motorcycle wheels

Advanced Composites Group's MTM58B and MTM57 carbon fiber prepregs are featured in new wheels from Blackstone Tek.

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Advanced Composites Group Ltd. (ACG, Heanor, U.K.), part of Umeco Composites Structural Materials (UCSM) – a Division of Umeco plc, reported on Sept. 22 that its carbon fiber prepreg composites are being used by Blackstone Tek (BST) of South Africa to manufacture an extensive range of motorcycle wheels used by road and race enthusiasts.

BST is using ACG’s medium-temperature molding prepregs for its autoclave-processed carbon composite motorcycle wheels, which represent a typical weight saving of 47 percent over their conventional aluminium counterparts, with no decrease in strength. ACG’s high-Tg MTM58B prepreg is used for the rim and structural MTM57 prepreg is used for the integral spokes.

BST reports that the new wheels are lighter, the bike is lighter, handling is improved, rider fatigue is reduced, the wheels have a lower moment of inertia, the bike is more responsive to the rider's commands, acceleration is more
responsive, braking is more efficient and the ride is safer.

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