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Industry News
Cannon Group launches high-speed process for automotive composites

Carbon fiber/epoxy work cell in Europe is producing parts for a passenger cell on a 2013 passenger vehicle.

Posted on: 2/7/2013
Source: CompositesWorld

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Cannon work cell

1. 1000-ton heated press for CFRP part forming 2. Resin dosing and dispensing unit 3. Loading robot 4. Impregnation robot 5. Unloading robot 6. Impregnation table 7. Raw material storage station 8. CFRP molded parts storage station 9. Waste material storage station 10. Raw material loading 11. Finished parts storage

Cannon epoxy laydown

Epoxy laydown in Cannon process.

Cannon USA (Cranberry Township, N.J., USA) reports that it has developed a work cell for the manufacture of carbon fiber/epoxy automotive parts at relatively high production volumes.

Craig Woolheater, product manager at Cannon, says the cell is being used in Europe to manufacture the passenger cage of a 2013 passenger vehicle. The cell focuses on the robotic dispensation of the epoxy resin onto a dry carbon fiber fabric. The fabric and resin are then cured in a heated 1000-metric-tonne press.

Woolheater says the system offers a 5-minute part-to-part cycle time, with minimal labor interaction and high levels of automation. The drawing at left shows how the cell is organized. 

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