BriskHeat to supply OOA heating system for aerospace OEM

BriskHeat will supply a hot bonder and specialized heating blankets to a major aerospace OEM for the manufacture of very large out-of-autoclave (OOA)-cured composite structures.

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BriskHeat Corp. (Columbus, Ohio, USA) reported on Oct. 30 that a major aerospace industry original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has selected BriskHeat to supply an out-of-autoclave (OOA) heating system that is capable of providing precise temperature control for composites curing on very large surface areas that are larger than 5m2/54 ft2.

This heating system will be used to manufacture the OEM’s next-generation composite structure under development. BriskHeat’s heating system includes an ACR 3 (said to be the only UL-listed hot bonder in the world), specialized heating blankets fitted for the application and all of the accessories necessary to precisely heat a very large area.

BriskHeat says this system is flexible enough to easily integrate into the OEM’s full production using the same configuration of heaters and temperature controls.