Boeing orders tools from Novator

The Orbital Drilling machines eliminate the need for coolant and reportedly boost productivity.

The Boeing Co. (Everett, Wash., USA) has placed an additional order for portable orbital drilling equipment for the final assembly line of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft in Everett, Wash., from Novator (Stockholm, Sweden). “This order is of major importance for us, as it shows that Boeing continues to see great value in using orbital drilling technology in their production,” says Hans-Petter Andersson, Novator´s CEO. “Boeing sets the bar high in everything they do and requires the highest quality and service from their suppliers. Hence, we are very glad that they selected us again to deliver such critical equipment. ”

Novator's patented and trademarked Orbital Drilling technology is a drilling technique where the cutter revolves in a mechanically-forced eccentric movement while simultaneously rotating around its own axis. The thrust force is very low which results in higher hole quality and is one of the factors that enables dry drilling. Dry drilling makes coolant obsolete and reduces environmental and health hazards. The Orbital Portable M-Series ordered by Boeing is based on Novator's technology, which reduces machine inventory and cutting time for the aerospace industry, while improving quality and productivity. 

According to the company, the main driving force behind using orbital drilling is the
use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and titanium, materials which present challenges to many companies today.