Boeing: 777X on schedule to debut by 2020

Although Boeing is not expected to seek authorization from its board for redesign of the popular 777 aircraft, officials still expect the 777X by the end of this decade. Composites are expected to play a significant role in the new craft.

The Seattle Times reported on Aug. 24 that Boeing says it will deliver the new 777X before the end of the decade.

According to the report, in a message to all Boeing Commercial Airplanes employees on Aug. 23, chief executive Ray Conner said the company still intends to deliver the new 777X variant of its star widebody jet by the end of the decade.

Conner's predecessor, Jim Albaugh, had said in March that he hoped to bring the 777X to the Boeing board for approval by the end of this year. The report says that won't happen this year. Conner's statement did not deny that assertion, although he did take issue with the interpretation that there is any slowing of the 777X program.

According to the report, he says Boeing will put the plan to the board "when we are ready" and "satisfied with the risks, costs and schedule, as well as many other important factors."
"We are absolutely committed to the 777X," Conner's statement said.

Conner did not provide any update as to when he might take the 777X plan to the board for approval. The 777X is expected to include carbon fiber composite wings, and possibly other structures converted to composites.

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