Boeing 747-8 features composite flooring plinths produced by Tods

U.K.'s Tods Aerospace has designed and manufactured for customer B/E Aerospace Super First Class a series of structural composite flooring plinths for the first class seating area on the forthcoming 747-8.

Tods Aerospace (Crewkerne, U.K.) announced on March 25 that the first delivery of the new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft to Boeing’s launch commercial customer will incorporate a series of structural lightweight composite flooring plinths for the first class seating area that have been designed and produced by Tods Aerospace.

The contract for the seating plinths was placed by B/E Aerospace Super First Class (Tucson, Ariz., USA) and builds on an ongoing partnership between B/E and Tods following the successful design and build of plinths for United and Cathay Pacific seating programs.

On announcing the contract Colin Faulkner, business development manager, Tods Aerospace, said, “Tods have developed a professional working relationship with B/E Aerospace, who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft seating. Each new type of aircraft launch requires even more design creativity and higher structural standards to meet premium class travellers cabin seating expectations. With the new B747-8i the seating is even more sophisticated and the design specification for the flooring plinth has been very complex.”

Tods Aerospace also announced another cooperation package with B/E Aerospace for seating plinths and flooring structures for the refit of 57 Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft.