BMCI&'s Brausendorf retires

Bernd Brausendorf, who managed BMCI's European division tetra-DUR, has retired.

Bernd Brausendorf, who held the position of managing director of tetra-DUR, BMCI's (West Chicago, Ill.) European division, has retired. In 1985 Mr. Brausendorf, Ludwig Reimann and Dieter Lauckner founded the BMC manufacturing business, tetra-DUR. By 1988 tetra-DUR was producing more than 1,500 tons of BMC per year for Hella (automotive headlamps), Siemens,ABB (electrical) and Rowenta/KSM (heat shields). In 2002, BMCI acquired tetra-DUR. By the end of 2007, tetra-DUR will have produced more than 130,000 tons of BMC.

BMCI is a privately owned and operated company with two manufacturing facilities in the U.S., as well as facilities in Asia, Mexico and Europe producing thermoset bulk molding compounds. BMCI serves the automotive, electronic, electrical, consumer appliance, power tool and conductive plastic industries. An established metal replacement, BMCI's products also serve alternative energy applications such as fuel cells and static dissipation needs in the electronics industry. For further information: