Biz Briefs

News briefs from Verisurf Software, Quatro Composites, Seifert and Skinner & Assoc., MAG IAS and TenCate.

On the strength of its record annual revenue growth in 2011, Verisurf Software Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.) is expanding into a new corporate headquarters just down the street from its current location. The new site also will house its metrology training center. The company’s consistent growth, it says, is due to increasing implementation of Verisurf 3-D measurement solutions in manufacturing companies, ranging from small machine shops to large aerospace companies. Ernie Husted, president and CEO, says, “I am very encouraged by our record number of new customers, which points to increasing demand for our advanced 3-D measurement solutions.”
The company’s existing Anaheim location and the new facility accommodates the software development team (products include computer-aided inspection and reverse-engineering solutions), technical support, the application engineering, sales and marketing functions, and the distribution warehouse. A major facility element, the metrology training center, features extensive laboratory space, tractor-trailer access and a 5-ton overhead lift for moving large-scale measurement artifacts.

Quatro Composites (Orange City, Iowa), a wholly owned business of Tec Industries LLC that offers design, analysis, prototyping and production of advanced composite products, announced on Jan. 10 that it has been awarded a milestone contract to certify and produce Boeing 787 Dreamliner stowage bin fittings for the 787-9 model. “We are honored to be a part of this exciting new generation of aircraft,” says Quatro Composites’ president Steve Roesner. Quatro Composites and the Boeing Fabrication Interiors Responsibility Center will work together to certify the composite fittings. Entry into service will coincide with the 787-9 configuration.

Seifert and Skinner & Assoc. (Logan, Utah, and Hasselt, Belgium) has expanded its composites laboratory and opened a new testing facility and office in Hasselt. Managing associate Axel Seifert says the 400m2 (4,300 ft2) facility will give the company plenty of room for the equipment necessary to perform prototype fabrication of, and nearly all of the testing required to design and certify, composite pressure vessels used to store and transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG).

MAG IAS (Erlanger, Ky.) has reported the first purchase of its new GEMINI Composite Processing System, which is capable of switching from automated fiber placement (AFP) to automated tape laying (ATL) in a matter of minutes. The system will be installed at Alliant Techsystems’ (ATK, Eden Prairie, Minn.) Iuka, Miss., facility and will be the eighth MAG fiber placement system installed at ATK plants. The gantry system incorporates MAG’s VIPER AFP head and either MAG’s CHARGER or Forest Liné’s (Granby, France) ATLAS ATL heads. (For more details about the system, see link at right).

TenCate Advanced Composites North America (Morgan Hill, Calif.) has relocated its former Benicia, Calif. prepreg operations to a 65,000-ft2 (6,040m2) facility in nearby Fairfield, Calif., avoiding the loss of the company’s highly skilled work force. It consolidates three separate Benicia sites into one for greater efficiency and flow in manufacturing. Paul Draghi, VP of manufacturing, says the Fairfield facility, extensively upgraded and AS9100:2009 Rev C-approved, complements TenCate’s existing Morgan Hill, Calif. facility, providing customers with two supply sites for redundancy and additional capacity.