Bauer Hockey newest hockey stick reinforced by TeXtreme

In addition to TeXtreme, another feature of the stick is eLASTech technology that reinforces the TeXtreme carbon fibers with micro nanotubes.

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Bauer Hockey (Exeter, NH, US) says its latest stick, the NEXUS 1N, is reinforced by TeXtreme carbon fiber fabrics, which is developed and supported by Oxeon AB (Borås, Sweden). Bauer Hockey uses the TeXtreme Technology in all of the three product families: NEXUS, VAPOR and SUPREME.

“Through our partnership with TeXtreme we are able to incorporate a high performance material into our elite products in a way that helps us deliver to our consumers the premium products they expect from BAUER,” said Tyson Teplitsky, global brand manager for Bauer Hockey. “TeXtreme helps us maximize playability and integrate innovative designs and features we develop.” The company says that the 1N is the most advanced NEXUS stick and is designed with a “unique sweet spot” that helps the player to shot with precision. In addition to TeXtreme, another feature of the stick is eLASTech technology that reinforces the TeXtreme carbon fibers with micro nanotubes, helping to prevent cracks from slashes growing as well as extending the pop life of the stick.

More than 400 NHL players use BAUER sticks reinforced by TeXtreme.

Alongside the use of TeXtreme in ice hockey, other users can be found in Formula 1, Americas Cup, bicycles, golf shafts, tennis, surf boards, rowing boats, skis, snowboards, NASCAR and various industrial and advanced aerospace applications. 

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