Axion lands contract for composites in Scottish bridge

Axion International's recycled structural composite material will be used in the construction of a 90-ft bridge in Scotland, representing the first use of the company's material in a bridge outside the U.S.

Axion International (New Providence, N.J., USA), a producer of industrial building products and railroad ties made from 100 percent recycled plastic, announced on July 18 that it has received a purchase order from Vertech Ltd. through Axion’s business partner Sicut Holding Ltd. for $170,000 worth of Axion’s recycled structural composite (RSC) material, which will be used in the construction of a "plastic" bridge in Scotland, the first of its kind outside the U.S.

The bridge will be approximately 12 ft wide by 90 ft long (3.7m by 27.4m) and will be used to replace an existing steel beam and timber deck road bridge. The existing bridge is supported by two masonry–built piers and abutments, which are in good condition and will remain in place to support the new bridge designed from Axion’s RSC materials. The clear span is 28 ft/8.5m between piers, resulting in three effective spans at 30 ft/9.1m, representing the longest single spans yet constructed using this material. The bridge has been designed to European standards to carry a load of 45 metric tons.

The bridge crosses the River Tweed and is located on a parcel of private property near Edinburgh, Scotland. It was commissioned by Vertech Ltd. and designed by architectural consulting firm Cass Hayward of Wales. The bridge will be constructed on-site by a local Scottish contractor.

The new bridge will be manufactured and prefabricated in the United States at Axion’s plant in Portland, PA and will be shipped to Liverpool via container ship and then on to Edinburgh. The new bridge will be shipped in six sections (two per span), and due to the pre-fab nature of the bridge it is expected to be assembled onsite. The bridge is expected to be fully manufactured and installed by October 2011.