Automated Stringer Former keeps rotorcraft flying

Accudyne Systems equipment has been producing V-22 Osprey composite stringers for over seven years.

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The Automated Stringer Former produced by custom manufacturing solutions developer Accudyne Systems (Newark, DE, US) has been producing “T” and “C” shaped stringers for the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey for more than seven years. An operator places ply kits, one at a time, onto the machine which then picks, places and forms each kit over the tool. The kits are formed around the tool using a combination of pressure and heat. After the last kit has been formed, a radius filler (noodle) is automatically placed into the part. The machine then rotates the tool for easy access as the operator removes the part for autoclave curing. Average time for producing the approximately 1.3m-long stringers is eight minutes. The recipe-driven software enables the fabrication of 160 different stringers.