Ashland bioresin debuts in boat

Ashland's bio-based ENVIREZ resin is seeing extensive use in a new boat from Campion Boats.

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Ashland Composite Polymers, a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc. (Dublin, Ohio), announced on July 17 that two high-performance pleasure craft from Campion Boats, featuring a new use for Ashland’s ENVIREZ bio-based resin technology, were recently tested on open water.

The two boats, Campion’s Chase1 550 and 600, were made using ENVIREZ L 86300 T-25 bio-based resin in their hulls, liners and decks. The resin, which is undergoing a final evaluation for this use, is designed to provide high elongation and toughness properties that deliver the impact- and crack-resistant attributes desired by the marine industry. In addition to ENVIREZ, Campion Boats also used Ashland’s LE series white gelcoat (WG-LE-2644) and the MP-series gelcoat for colors.

“First off, Campion was absolutely delighted to have been asked and ultimately chosen by Ashland to assist them with their research and development of this very exciting new technology. Campion is always on the lookout for the best possible products available for constructing our high-quality boats. As we see it, partnering with the Ashland team to develop the two test boats, the Chase 550 and Chase 600 models, has truly helped both Ashland and Campion to fully understand the characteristics and application processes of this new bio-resin,” said Brock Elliott, general manager, Campion Boats.

“Most importantly, we saw this as a ‘real-world’ situation to prove the science behind the bioresin and to give it an endorsement beyond the lab tests. We strongly feel Campion can and has helped Ashland with moving this bio-resin product and project forward,” added Elliott.

The first ENVIREZ resin, ENVIREZ 1807, is formulated with soybean oil and corn-derived ethanol. That product was introduced to the market in 2003, when John Deere began using the resin in side-body panels for its farm equipment.