Arkema's carbon nanotubes OK'd for sale in USA

Arkema's Graphistrength multiwall carbon nanotubes have been approved by the EPA for sale in the United States.

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Arkema (Colombes, France) announced on May 31 that it has received U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval for commercial sales of its Graphistrength multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in the United States.

This approval gives the green light to Arkema Inc., Arkema’s U.S. subsidiary, to assist its existing and prospective customers in the US currently conducting research and application tests involving CNTs with their commercial development on a larger scale. This should boost worldwide sales of Arkema’s Graphistrength masterbatches, which are already available in
Europe and Asia.

Since it first began producing CNTs in 2006, Arkema has sought to develop, under the trademark Graphistrength, a whole range of high added-value masterbatches designed to optimize the performance of CNTs in polymer matrices (thermoplastic, elastomer and thermoset). Graphistrength products are used in traditional compounding processes, and they reportedly ensure good dispersion of CNTs in many polymer matrices, thereby delivering notable electrical and mechanical properties.

In September 2009, Arkema announced the construction of a 400-ton/year CNT pilot production plant in France, confirming its global commitment to CNTs on a semi-industrial scale. The plant is due to come on stream early 2011.