AOC starts European production of vinyl esters

The resin supplier reports that its high-performance Vipel vinyl ester resins now will be offered from manufacturing facilities in Europe.

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AOC (Collierville, Tenn.) reports that it high-performance Vipel vinyl ester resins will now be offered from manufacturing facilities in Europe. This is designed to give specifiers, manufacturers and users of corrosion-resistant composites in Europe, the Middle East and Africa a greater opportunity to take advantage of AOC’s range of material technologies.

Products available for shipment from Europe include standard bisphenol A vinyl esters, high-elongation vinyl esters, and "thixed" and promoted systems. Vipel vinyl esters combine with Vipel unsaturated polyesters to form a range of materials to optimize the composites manufacturing process and meet performance specifications.

Vipel vinyl esters are used in the energy, chemical processing, food processing, infrastructure and other sectors where equipment is exposed to highly corrosive environments.  Vipel vinyl ester technologies are also available for marine laminates, barriers and skin coats. Vipel resins can be formulated for use in several composites processes, including filament winding, hand layup, sprayup, resin transfer molding, resin infusion and others.