Amitech wins contracts for 57 km of FRP pipe

Four contracts with water firm Embasa has Amitech producing pipe ranging from 350 to 500 mm in diameter.

Brazilian composites piping manufacturing firm Amitech, a subsidiary of Colombian group O-Tek, has announced four agreements with Bahia state water and sanitation company Embasa to supply more than 57 km of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes.

"Although the biddings contemplate cast iron pipes, HDPE and FRP, only reinforced polyester pipes were participating, thanks to its increased competition over other materials. These latest biddings granted Embasa a 20 percent savings in material," says Rodrigo Almeida, Amitech's sales coordinator for the North and Northeast regions. Besides its light weight, which makes the installation faster, FRP pipes can be manufactured into 12m bars, while iron pipes have their size limited to 6m. "It provides easier transportation and reduces by half the number of joints, thus reducing the load loss of lines and the occurrence of leaks," Almeida explains.

The most important contract won by Amitech was for the construction of the Integrated Water Supply System (SIAA) of the city of Jacobina. "We are concluding the supply of 32 km of pipes of 350 mm diameter and nominal pressure of 20 kgf/cm," says Almeida.

Next, with almost 18 km, is SIAA of the municipality of Conceria Coite, Brazil. They are pipes of 400 mm and the same nominal pressure of 20 kgf/cm. The Aqueduct of Pedras Altas (6 km, 500 mm) and the Sanitary Sewerage System of Simıes Filho (1.5 km, 400 mm), both subject to the same pressure of the first two, close the list of Amitech's new projects with Embasa.

As of the end of February, when supplies are completed, Embasa will have approximately 100 km of Amitech's pipes in operation. "Due to such successful track record, we hope to soon increase our presence in the State of Bahia," concluded Almeida.