Alabama Composites Conference set to go in June

Held biennially since 2006, the June 18-20 meeting in Birmingham, Ala., is expected to bring together technical experts from the automotive, transportation, defense, aerospace, infrastructure, power and energy sectors.

The Alabama Composites Conference (June 18-20, 2013) is set to take place in Birmingham. Hosted every other year since 2006, the event reportedly has earned a reputation for high technical quality and has been very well received over the years.

The conference is designed to bring together professionals in the automotive, transportation, defense, aerospace, infrastructure, power and energy sectors who have a common interest in advanced materials, lightweight composites and related technologies.

Conference workshops, exhibits and events will include the following highlights:

  • High-quality technical sessions, keynotes speakers and panel discussion. All presentations are by invitation, with talks from program managers, technologies, company CEOs and business development personnel.
  • Sessions on the transportation, automotive, defense, power and energy sectors, as well as infrastructure, sustainability, emerging applications, economic development and commercial opportunities.
  • Information-exchange and networking opportunities for practicing engineers and managers, small businesses, national laboratories and academia.
  • Exhibits, featuring fabricators, material suppliers, product developers and end-users.
  • Three Workshops: Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) for Corrosion Prevention; Green Composites and Recycling; and Design and Modeling of Composites.
  • Workforce development: Opportunities for industry to meet potential students who have training in advanced materials.
  • Emerging technologies in nano/biomaterials, structural and green composites, applications development, modeling and simulation as well as student poster displays.

The exhibit days are June 19 and 20.

On-line registration is now open.

For more information about the program and/or exhibitors, or to register, visit the event Web site: