Airbus A350 XWB passes ultimate load wing test

The test, conducted in December 2013, applied loads up to 1.5 times greater than those expected in service and deflected the wing tips in excess of 5m/16.4 ft.

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Airbus (Toulouse, France) reported on Jan. 13 that it has successfully performed the ultimate load test of the A350 XWB’s wing in December 2013, applying loads up to 1.5 times greater than those the aircraft would ever encounter in its entire in-service life. At ultimate load, the A350 XWB wingtip deflection exceeds 5m/16.4 ft.

This test was performed on the A350 XWB static test airframe that was built specifically to demonstrate the structural integrity of the airframe. The strains induced into the airframe are measured and monitored in real time using more than 10,000 measurement channels. The huge volume of data recorded is analyzed and correlated to the structural computer models that were used to design the airframe.

Airbus already passed the last of the ultimate load tests for the A350 XWB fuselage in early December 2013. These successful ultimate load tests are important milestones for type certification and another step on the road entry into service of the A350 XWB in fourth quarter 2014.