AGY completes glass fiber capacity expansion

The expansion affects AGY's S-2 Glass and L-Glass specialty glass fiber product lines.

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AGY Holding Corp. (Aiken, SC, US), a global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcement materials, reported on Oct. 5 that it has completed capacity expansions for its S-2 Glass and L-Glass specialty glass fiber product lines.

“Earlier this year, AGY announced plans to increase capacity of its specialty glass fiber products,” says Patrick Burns, president and CEO. “I am pleased to report we have successfully completed these capacity expansions. AGY is now well positioned to service the continued growth in demand for its S-2 Glass high performance and L-Glass low loss glass fibers.”

AGY says that compared to standard glass fibers, AGY’s S-2 Glass fibers offer superior performance in strength, stiffness and thermal properties and are available as yarns, single-end rovings, multi-end rovings and chopped strands. The low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor of AGY’s L-Glass yarns are well suited for printed circuit boards designs requiring increased signal speeds and high signal integrity.