Aeroscraft, Pacific Airlift sign memorandum of understanding

Livestock transportation specialist Pacific Airlift has contracted with Aeroscraft to use the latter's new variable-buoyancy cargo ship to provide transportation logistics services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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Aeroscraft Corp. (Los Angeles, Calif., USA), the developer of a new variable-buoyancy cargo airship known as the Aeroscraft, and Pacific Airlift (Clovis, Calif., USA), a global leader air charter services, reported on Jan. 8 that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to facilitate a structure for various business relationships.

Pacific Airlift is an aircraft charter company focused on providing charter solutions for its corporate clients and has been in business for more than 10 years. The two aviation leaders will mutually explore the benefits and structure of a potential use of Aeroscraft’s capabilities to provide air transportation and logistics services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The new partnership with Aeroscraft will allow Pacific Airlift to:

  • Offer access to Aeroscraft logistics services to partners and clients in project development
  • Take advantages of priority in the availability of the Aeroscraft service
  • Continue its history of innovation of becoming a launch partner for the Aeroscraft 66 short ton, ML866, and the Aeroscraft 250 short ton, ML868, models

“Pacific Airlift is pleased to sign this memorandum of understanding with Aeroscraft and thrilled to further explore client solutions surrounding the introduction of this exciting new class of aircraft poised to alter the heavy-lift cargo transportation landscape with new point-to-point service capabilities,” states Andrew Sim, director at Pacific Airlift. “Pacific looks to further expand our cost-effective charter solutions for commercial clients, while simultaneously introducing new service capabilities not possible in today’s air cargo logistics environment.”

On the other hand, the new partnership with Pacific Airlift will allow Aeros to broaden the Aeroscraft’s customer base through Pacific Airlift’s client network in the Asia Pacific region.

“As a global leader in project cargo logistics with a successful history focused on solving the needs of Asian clients and the broader Asia-Pacific region, Pacific Airlift is a welcome strategic partner for Aeros’ in Asia while introducing a new point-to-point network for air cargo delivery,” explains Igor Pasternak, CEO of Aeros.