ACG prepreg used on Koenigsegg supercars

The Advanced Composites Group (ACG) is supplying prepreg for Koenigsegg luxury supercars.

The Advanced Composites Group Ltd. (ACG, Heanor, Derbyshire, U.K.), part of the Composites Division of Umeco plc, continues its rewarding association with Koenigsegg (Ingelholm, Sweden) by supplying MTM57, its flexible component composite carbon fibre prepreg system, for a limited number of its special 'Edition' CCX and CCXR sports cars. These special 'Edition' sports cars will be launched at the Geneva Motor show in March 2008. Two Editions have already been sold. Just twenty (20) of the special 'Edition' versions will be built, sixteen (16) based on the CCX model and four (4) based on the CCXR (E85/petrol flex fuel) model, both of which feature a 5.0L twin supercharged Koenigsegg engine, delivering 888bhp and 1018bhp respectively. Acceleration is quoted as being 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.9 seconds and top speed at 417+ km/h (250+ mph).

The distinguishing feature that makes Koenigsegg's 'Edition' versions stand out from their 'standard ' CCX and CCR counterparts is the shimmering virgin carbon fiber finish. While the 'standard' versions use ACG's composite carbon fiber prepreg Body Panel System BPS240 for the sleek and stylish painted body, the 'Edition' versions use ACG's trademarked MTM57 composite carbon fiber prepreg (pre-impregnated) material to give a distinctive carbon-effect appearance. MTM57, just one of ACG's composite carbon fiber component prepreg materials, exhibits excellent toughness and can be processed using autoclave, vacuum bag and press techniques.

ACG assisted with the manufacture of tooling and several pre-production prototype body kits at its U.K. base. However, large-scale commercial production of the car is handled by Hampshire–based GE Aviation (formerly Smiths Aerospace), which is renowned for its involvement in the McLaren-Mercedes SLR project, amongst others.

Advanced Composites Group (ACG) specializes in the manufacture of high performance composite materials for a diverse range of industries such as motorsport, aerospace, marine, automotive, construction, wind energy and leisure sports. The main focus of the Group’s business, which operates through four divisions, is the manufacture of prepregs for components and tooling. ACG has manufacturing operations in the U.K. in Heanor, in Tulsa, Okla. and South Africa in Cape Town. It is managed from its head office in Heanor and employs around 560 worldwide.